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Raffia straw is made from the bast that surrounds the leaves of the bamboo palm. Most of it comes from Africa. This type of straw is both robust and relatively flexible, thus making it perfect for summery light hats, caps, and newsboy caps. Fabric made of raffia combines traditional craftsmanship with a summery, fresh design. It inspires exclusive patterns that are influenced by nature.


Cashmere is a luxurious material that comes from the wool of the cashmere goat. First and foremost, the high-quality, precious wool excels with its characteristic soft feel. The smooth surface is particularly soft on the skin, thus often allowing wool allergy sufferers to wear cashmere without any problems. The material also inspires with its functional properties. It protects against cold and reliably repels dirt, odors and water - simply ideal for beanies and other headwear as well as fashion accessories.


Hair felt is an elaborately produced material made of straight animal hair, mostly from rabbits or beavers. With its soft surface structure, it is relatively less scratchy than felt made of frizzy hair. Unsurprisingly, the material is pleasant on the skin, thus making it a perfect match for the production of high-quality hats. The fine elegance of hair felt comes into its own in both classic and trendy hat shapes.


Durable, robust, and versatile - leather is exceptional because of it numerous functional and visual qualities. There are different types of the natural material - for example nubuck and suede leather as well as velour and smooth leather. Each type has its own specific feel and appearance. The common features of all types of leather include a high level of adaptability and comfortable breathability.


Linen is a fabric made from the natural fiber of common flax. Linen was used in ancient Egypt and Greece to make clothing and is now produced in China, Russia, and France. The ecological natural fiber is characterized by its smoothness and low air entrapment. On top of that, it hardly forms any lint. Linen is dirt-repellent and its cooling properties make it suitable for summer hats.


Silk is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm. The natural continuous filament originates from China and is now also produced in India and Japan. Silk is very strong and is characterized by its sheen and crease resistance. The lightweight material offers a high level of wearing comfort, insulates against cold and heat, and is therefore ideal for headwear.


Straw and toyo stand out first and foremost thanks to their light weight. This special lightness also has an effect on the material’s appearance. Thus, weaves of natural straw and industrially produced toyo always have a summery and carefree look. Straw can be processed into stylishly dense or coarse meshes. Different colors and widths as well as natural irregularities ensure they bring variety with them.


VitaFELT is an exclusive premium fabric from Stetson. Produced in the U.S., the material is made of 100% select virgin sheep’s wool. The high-quality fabric is indeed comfortable and functional. VitaFELT is light, rollable, and pleasantly soft. The felt also reliably repels water, making it perfect for outdoor hats in various shapes.


Wool consists of spinnable hairs of mammals’ fur. The soft fibers mostly come from sheep, but also from goats and camels. The renewable raw material was already being harvested in Mesopotamia as early as the 4th millennium BC and is now produced in about 100 countries around the world. Wool is characterized by its thermoregulatory properties, has an insulating effect, and is therefore ideal for warm headwear.


Wool felt is attractive thanks to its many advantages. The material, usually made of 100% sheep’s wool, is easy to cut and process. Wool felt can absorb moisture up to many times its own weight, while its insulating properties block cold and heat. In addition, wool felt is skin-friendly and permeable to air, yet very tear-resistant and robust. Simply put, it’s an ideal material for manufacturing headwear.