Traveller Outdoor

  • Country of origin: Sri Lanka
  • The traveller hat is not just bold (thanks to its sloping brim) – it’s also invincible and reliable as an outdoor hat. This classic headwear, with a brim that provides shade, simply radiates casual charm. It’s also sometimes known as an “Aussie” hat.
  • The carefully worked combination of materials and highly functional finish make this high-quality fabric both water-repellent and sturdy. For instance, this textile can be used outdoors with no concerns whatsoever. Its subdued, heathered look combines well with a variety of outfits.
  • Material Composition 1: 90% Linen, 10% Polyurethane
  • Material Composition 2: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester
  • Country of origin Material: Italy
  • Stetson Sun Guard (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL, SW, DK, NO, FI, PT, BG, CZ, RO, GR)