Docker Sustainable Denim

  • Organic cotton, ramie (Himalayan nettle) and yarns made from recycled fibers make up only part of the sustainability of this trendy docker hat. Thanks to dyeing in Easy Fading Indigo, less water is used in production. The CO2 emitted during production is also calculated, tracked and offset in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Any sewing thread is made from recycled polyester.
  • Country of origin: Bulgaria
  • This modern “docker” (dockworker’s) cap features a close fit, leaving the ears exposed or covering them only by a few millimeters. The back of the head is also mostly exposed. Due to its round, minimalistic look, the traditional worker’s cap is gaining in popularity.
  • Conventional cotton is combined with high-quality organic cotton and oriental ramie derived from Himalayan nettle to create a sustainably processed fabric: The traditional and environmentally conscious manufacturing process saves 30% energy, 50% water and a whopping 70% chemicals compared to conventional methods. The delicate mottled design makes this fabric a refined and timeless classic.
  • Material: 82% Cotton, 18% Ramie
  • Lining: 100% Cotton
  • Country of origin Material: Italy
  • https://fpm.climatepartner.com/tracking/18390-2301-1003/en CLIMATE PARTNER
  • For more info follow the ClimatePartner link of the product.