Spring is the season of rebirth, renewal, and a return to nature—the ideal occasion for Stetson’s first-ever sustainably-produced capsule collection. For Spring/Summer 2023, some styles are crafted entirely from sustainable materials, right down to branding made from recycled silicone and hangtags with carbon footprint QR codes. Even better, capsule hangtags contain poppy seeds and are designed to be planted directly into the ground. An emphasis on sustainability means that Stetson is questioning every approach and detail without sacrificing on style. Hats and caps evoke the textures and simple pleasures one encounters on a day spent in the great outdoors. Vibrant linen newsboys are complemented by sea grass hats, ivys in the colors of the sky, gently washed denim porkpies in Himalayan nettle, and cool trucker caps with embroidery inspired by nature. Throughout the capsule, Stetson primarily has used certified cotton/organic cotton, Normandy linen, recycled materials and accessories, and ecofriendly dyes. Stetson is proud to offer this unique combination of sustainability and style, quality and craftsmanship. It marks a small but meaningful step forward in our stewardship of the planet, a commitment that will never go out of style.

Season Highlights



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Stetson X Velcorex

Nestled at the foot of the Vosges Mountains in France, Velcorex has been developing and refining apparel fabrics since 1828. A reputation for quality, ingenuity, and innovation, coupled with a passion for traditional methods that have been handed down for generations, give Velcorex fabrics their unique feel and character. What’s more, Velcorex and its 90 employees are committed to an ethical and sustainable world, ensuring the traceability of materials and guaranteeing that its suppliers share the same human, social, and environmental values. This shared commitment to craftsmanship and a path to sustainability made Velcorex a natural partner for Stetson’s Spring/ Summer 2023 collection—so much so that we chose to the shoot our new campaign on location at the company’s factory in France. The capsule styles returned, so to speak, to their natural origins.

Stetson Europe Spring/Summer 2023